A white couple moves to an urban neighborhood and becomes involved in its changing dynamics through the stalled investigation of a mysterious crime.  



SCENE 11:  Marcus has a life changing moment  . . . in the laundry detergent aisle.

SCENE 4:  The new owners were expecting a lot of things, but certainly not this.

SCENE 2:  The shop was open at 7 a.m. It was then closed indefinitely at noon.

SCENE 21 What was Anita looking for in the alley?  What did she hear instead?



Due to the original story, plot twists, reveals, spoilers, and easter eggs, review of the screenplay GENTRICIDE requires signing a nondisclosure agreement. Thank you for protecting the commercial and entertainment value of the film project and the privacy of the individuals involved in the related true events.

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SCENE 38:  Tre will order breakfast, but he will not eat.

SCENE 18:  Ethel had only one question for the two men who visited that day. 

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GENTRICIDE Main Characters

To protect the plot's confidentiality, the character names have been blacked out. 

                              - white male 50

                               - white female 49

                           - white male 21

                               - black male 26

                               - black male 28

                                 - black male 45

                              - black female 45

                             - black female 26

                              - white male 52

                                 - white male 50

                            - black female 81

                               - white male 42

                            - white male 42

                                 - black male 30

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SCENE 8 - Marcus walks through parking lot to the store entrance.

SCENE 4 - John & Kathy drive through downtown.

SCENE 21- Craig heads to class on a scooter.

SCENE 21- Craig heads to class on a scooter

SCENE 26 - John carefully browses the surveillance footage.

SCENE 57 - John suddenly decides to follow the car.

SCENE 14 - The new kids on the block look to be different.

SCENE 29 - Jalen goes into the room and frantically looks for it.


SCENE 24 - Partners Dan and Adam head back to The Hood.

SCENES 1 & 27- Opening Credits and John drives to Cervantes.

GENTRICIDE is an honest, layered, and deeply American tale of the subtle yet poignant psychology of cross-cultural change against the backdrop of community, commerce, and conflict.


RODERIC REECE is a voice actor, writer, and producer best known for his melodic and authoritative vocal delivery of light verse and recited lyrics. He is the author of over 150 popular epigrams that range from funny to thought provoking and has narrated hundreds of corporate marketing promos, PSAs, tutorials, commercials, and business phone recordings.  He has also written, recorded, and/or produced titles that include sports analytics, personal growth, children's fables, and single panel cartoons.

His project GENTRICIDE is a unique mystery suspense thriller that entertainingly showcases an iconic crossorads of culture and history.  It naturally weaves true experiences of residents of an urban Denver neighborhood to tell an unfolding and layered tale.  The plot reveals will intrigue all viewers and the subtle symbolism will be identified and appreciated by those paying particular attention. Visit BurstofVerse.com for all of his produced titles.