A suburban family is introduced to the dynamics of the inner city neighborhood they have moved into during the stalled investigation of a mysterious crime.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                




Due to the original story, plot twists, reveals, spoilers, and easter eggs, review of the screenplays GENTRICIDE and TURNPIKE require signing a non-disclosure agreement. Thank you for protecting the commercial and entertainment value of the film projects and the privacy of the individuals involved in the related true events.

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Also enjoy the prequel TURNPIKE:

SCENE 8 - Marcus walks through parking lot to the store entrance.

SCENE 4 - John & Kathy drive through downtown.

SCENE 21- Craig heads to class on a scooter.

SCENE 21- Craig heads to class on a scooter

SCENE 26 - John carefully browses the surveillance footage.

SCENE 57 - John suddenly decides to follow the car.

SCENE 14 - The new kids on the block look to be different.

SCENE 29 - Jalen goes into the room and frantically looks for it.


SCENE 24 - Partners Dan and Adam head back to The Hood.

SCENES 1 & 27- Opening Credits and John drives to Cervantes.

GENTRICIDE Character List

Characters in RED have lines that contain profanity. 

Name                Description         Age         Words

NARRATOR  female                    30-60    25904

JOHN               white male           50            2606

NICK                 white male           49           1221

ANITA              black female        45           1094

KATHY            white female       49           963

DERRICK       black male            45           475 

ETHEL             black female        77           396

SEAN               white male            51           396

DAN                 white male            49           349

CRAIG            white male            20           283

JALEN             black male            25           262

ADAM            white male            50           164

VICTOR         black male            25           172

CORKY          latino male           45           186

SCOTT           white male           45            167

MICHELLE  black female        23           172

MARCUS      black male            24            81

TINA               latina female       39            85

TRE                  black male            24            44

CHERYL        black female       44            57

BARBARA    white female      77            34

JULIAN          black male            19           27

Assorted other characters without names or specific ages that have only 1 to 2 lines of dialog include:

police officer, councilman, white female resident, black male resident, black female resident, white teenage concert goer,  white male mover, flyer hander-outer, white homeless woman, Uber/Lyft driver, Derrick's daughters 1 & 2,  John's male coworker, John's female coworker, vice-chair of homeowners association board )




RODERIC REECE's screenplay GENTRICIDE is a unique mystery suspense drama that entertainingly showcases an iconic crossroads of culture and history.  It naturally weaves true experiences of residents of an urban neighborhood to tell an unfolding and layered tale.  The plot reveals will intrigue and the subtle symbolism will be appreciated by those paying particular attention. Visit BurstofVerse.com for all of his produced titles.

GENTRICIDE is an honest, layered, and deeply American tale of the subtle  psychology of cross-cultural change against the backdrop of community, commerce, and conflict.



 A student-athlete's character becomes challenged as he tries to manage old and new relationships while attending college in the late 80s.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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